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About the Author, Nestor Kouassi

Brother Nestor A. Kouassi has been called to America with an unusual burden for the coming awakening. For a decade, the Lord has kept him in the secret place, where he has been immersed as an intercessor in a river of revelations concerning the next unparalleled divine move. He earned a Bachelor of Arts at the National University of Benin in West Africa and a Master’s in Theological Studies at National Bible College & Seminary, Fort Washington, Maryland.

Nestor served in several ministry roles in his native Benin under Pastor Williams Houinsou of the Assemblies of God, whose passion for spiritual matters fueled a similar passion in Nestor.

As President of Youth Ministry in the church in Dekoungbe, Nestor led young people to have a grand vision of Christ. He became a distinguished teacher as he served as Secretary of Sunday Bible School.

In addition, he was Secretary of the Board of Life in Christ for All, a ministry founded by Pastor Williams for couples challenged in having babies, and which yielded tremendous fruit.

Besides leading an intercession group, Nestor was a key member of Pastor Williams’ deliverance and special intervention team. The team was dedicated to praying for the sick, casting out demons, and dealing with difficult spiritual matters involving witchcraft, curses, and voodoo. The most exciting facet of this ministry was that about 80% of hundreds of demon-possessed people who were delivered saw visions of Jesus and angels.

Nestor is married to Estelle Kouassi. They live in Los Angeles and have been blessed with three children, Favor, Wisdom, and Triumph.